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Отображение результатов 1 до 20 из 1070
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analysis, sensor, an accelerometer, a frequency range, the piezoelectric sensor. [1]
analytical dependence, elastic reaction, curvature, corner shear. [1]
anthracite, thermoanthracite, carboncontaining adsorbent [1]
AQM, RED, PI и PID алгоритмы [1]
centrifugal, axial load , the power loss , the gap end member , the balancing device. [1]
Centrifugal pumps, maintenance, durability, efficiency, costs. [1]
cluster [1]
construction materials; foundation; vytrambovannye pits. [1]
diesel engine start; shunting locomotives; modernization of locomotives; A system of two units [1]
distortion of GPS signals; adaptive compensation technique; optimizing neural networks; Hopfield network; Hamming neural network. [1]
emissions of hazardous substances; the exhaust gases; degree of purification; recycling; contaminating components. [1]
Euro-Asian [1]
European-Asian network of researches [2]
European integration [1]
European integration process [1]
hazardous substances, phosphorus, physicochemical properties, transport safety. [1]
http трафик [1]
hump yard, brake boot, dissolution process, uncoupling, braking, resistance, energy consumption. [1]
information integration [1]
information tourism [1]
Отображение результатов 1 до 20 из 1070
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